Addict in the Family
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Addict In The Family

by Dr. Andrew Byrne

Reviews From The Profession

Review by Jeffrey J. Kegley, MSW

Sadly, we live in a society with a common belief that addiction is a moral weakness or simply a symptom of weak-willed individuals. As a result, those who find themselves with a loved one suffering from addictive diseases often require as much help or more help that the addicted person. Dr. Byrne's book Addict in the Family is a great introduction for family members to learn the truth in a non-threatening way. As a social worker and owner of substance abuse treatment programs, I recommend this excellent book to all family members with a loved one struggling with this deadly disease. I also recommend it to counselors and other healthcare professionals so they may achieve a greater understanding of the consequences of this illness.

Jeffrey J. Kegley, MSW
President, Addiction Recovery Systems

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Dr. Andrew J. Byrne received the prestigious Marie Award at the 2006 national conference of the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence.
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