Addict in the Family
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Addict In The Family

by Dr. Andrew Byrne


acid LSD
barbs barbiturates
benzo drug of benzodiazepine family (cf. pills)
blockade high dose methadone (loose term)
blue overdosed
bolt evade police or court (often interstate)
bombed intoxicated
bombed (of vein) injection into the tissues (= popped)
bong apparatus for smoking drugs through water
bring down (v.) administer naloxone as opioid antidote
can (n.) prison
carck to die (Aust. coll.)
chase the dragon (arch.) smoke heroin or opium
clagged blocked (of vein) (= bombed, popped)
crack smoked cocaine (not used in Australia)
deal (n.) quantity of drug (usually for a single day's use)
deal (v.) buy and sell drugs
do doctors attend numerous doctors for prescriptions
do chemists steal from pharmacies
'done methadone
downer sedative, usually benzodiazepine tranquillizer
drop (n.) delivery of illicit substance
drop (v.) to overdose
earner robbery, cf. scam
eckies ecstasy (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, MDMA)
fence retailer of stolen property
fit (n.) syringe and needle
fix (n. arch) quantity of drug for immediate use
freebase cocaine suitable for smoking i.e. 'crack'
ganja cannabis flowering heads
gear heroin
gear steroids
geographical (n.) a trip away to detoxify
goey amphetamine
grass cannabis
hammer heroin
hang out (v) to be in opioid withdrawal
'hard' drug more dangerous drug (eg heroin and cocaine)
harry heroin
hash hashish (derivation disputed: cannabis resin)
head addict or compulsive user (e.g. 'pot' head)
hot shot contaminated injection
hydro hydroponically grown cannabis
inside in jail
IVDU intravenous drug user
joint (trad.) cannabis cigarette
junkie (trad.) young, street heroin addict
loaded up falsely charged with drug possession
mandy methaqualone compound (Mandrax)
MDMA see ecstasy
moggies Mogadon (nitrazepam - long acting tranquillizer)
Narcan antidote to opioid overdose, given intravenously
narcotic equivalent to opioid (US: also refers to cocaine)
nodding off intoxicated with heroin (cf scratching, wasted)
O.D. overdose
opioid synthetic or natural drug with narcotic properties, e.g. morphine, pethidine, methadone (cf. opiate)
opiate drug which is derived from the opium poppy: codeine, heroin, morphine, papaveretum
pills tranquillizers, usually of benzodiazepine type
pinned out having pin-point pupils; opioid intoxication
pot cannabis, marijuana, ganga
qualud (US arch.) methaqualone tablet
reefer (arch.) cannabis cigarette
ripped intoxicated (= stoned)
Rivotril clonazepam, abused anti-convulsant (cf. benzo.)
roach (arch.) butt of cannabis cigarette
rock purest forms of heroin, e.g. pink r.; Bangkok r.
row-ees Rohypnol tablets (flunitrazepam, Roche)
scag (arch.) heroin
scam robbery or set-up
score (v.) obtain illicit drug (usually heroin or cocaine)
scratching opiate intoxication (involuntary body scratching)
screws prison wardens
sera's Serepax (oxazepam)
shit heroin
snort intra-nasal insufflation (cocaine or heroin)
snowcone cannabis bong with added cocaine or heroin
'soft' drug less dangerous drug (eg cannabis or ecstasy)
speed amphetamine or metamphetamine
speedball heroin and cocaine combination
stoned intoxicated
thrombosis vein which is clotted or infected
tolerance the property of getting less effect with same dose
tracks venipunctures, injection marks
trip (1) episode on hallucinogen, usually LSD
trip (2) voyage to obtain drugs (usually to Asia)
'uppa' stimulant drug (e.g. amphetamine)
wasted severely intoxicated (usually from heroin)
weed cannabis
'weight' dealer's "gram" of heroin (usually much less)
white lady mixture of milk and methylated spirits
work (v.) prostitution (male or female)
works ( needle, syringe, spoon, tourniquet and swabs
yawning in opioid withdrawal

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